Where do you source your ingredients?

Our meat ingredients are always USDA-Certified and sourced from USDA inspected facilities. Our other ingredients are the same all-natural and organic ingredients that you would find at your local retail or wholesale market!

How are your treats different from other premium products?

Some premium treats source their protein from bones, meat meals, or other meat by-products that are unsellable leftovers.

Other premium treats source their protein from meat that is USDA-inspected but fails to pass due to serious food safety violations. While this meat is deemed unfit for human consumption, it can be used for pet food/treats. This industry practice is unacceptable. That's why we do not compromise on the quality of our ingredients. We only use meat that is USDA-Certified, and we never take shortcuts by substituting with meat meals or by-products.

Why don’t you label your treats with “Human-Grade Ingredients”?

"Human-grade" labels for pet products are completely made up. Human-grade is a legal grey zone. Human-grade has no legal or regulatory meaning. Pet products are not human food and are not approved for human consumption. "Human-grade" labeling practices are misleading and can have potentially devastating consequences for you and your furry sidekick.

We use descriptors like USDA-Certified to describe our sourced meat products because it guarantees the meat ingredients passed federal inspection for human consumption. This is a same high-quality meat standard you have at your local deli or grocery store.

Where do you produce your treats?

All of our treats are original recipes handcrafted with TLC in our California facility!

Where can I buy your treats?

You can purchase our treats on our website here, or Amazon! Be sure to use code SHIP30 to get free shipping on orders over $30 when you order on our website!

Currently, we offer two products: Chicken Jerky and Beef Energy Bars. We are always having a blast doing R&D in our kitchen to discover original and innovative recipes for your sidekick to enjoy!



What is your “Feed Goodness, Do Good” pet sponsorship program?

We believe every furry sidekick deserves a loving home with good, wholesome, and all-natural food. However, not every one of our furry friends has found a furever home. That is why we have partnered with local pet rescue shelters to sponsor the adoption fees for their underdogs and send them home with a care package of treats, toys, and other goodies!

Learn more on our Adopt page!